3 Steps for Preventing Raccoon Damages

Raccoons are capable of causing a significant amount of structural damages, and a longer list of other undesirable conditions, like odors, noise, clutter, droppings, and more. Structural damages can be costly, like insulation replacement and attic restorations. And raccoons can leave behind a huge mess of birthing debris, feces, urine, and rotting food scraps, which can all pose health problems to humans and pets.

For these reasons and more, it is important to do what you can to prevent raccoons from causing damage to your home. Continue reading to learn the three key steps to preventing raccoons damages altogether, around your home or property.

Raccoon Exclusion

The first step to prevent raccoon damages is to exclude raccoons from your home and surrounding property entirely. This is the best method for long-term raccoon control. Raccoon exclusion starts with professional raccoon removal services if you know there are already raccoons living inside your home or on your property. Professionals retain the proper licenses, training, and equipment to provide safe and non-lethal raccoon removal.

Modify the Surrounding Habitat

It is important to modify your property and surrounding habitat in order to keep raccoons away once they are removed. Modifications are meant to thwart raccoon trespassing by eliminating any sources of food or shelter. Remove any pet food or wildlife food (i.e. bird houses, bird seed, squirrel feeders, etc.), as well as, any sources of water (i.e. birdbaths, pet water bowls, standing water, etc.). Also, be sure to take your garbage cans out to the curb the same morning of trash pickup day. Leaving garbage cans unattended overnight is an open-buffet invitation for raccoons and more. You can also install motion-sense lighting, sound machines, and seal up any vulnerable or accessible openings in the exterior of the home, porch, and deck.

Hire Professional Raccoon Control Personnel

If you truly want to keep raccoons away for good, consider hiring a professional raccoon removal and control company for expert assistance you can trust. As mentioned, they have everything needed to provide a wide range of raccoon removal and control services in a safe and non-lethal manner. This includes exclusion, raccoon-proofing, raccoon cleanup, minor attic restorations, and more. They can provide these services both effectively and efficiently, finishing jobs in a time-frame that’s convenient for their clients.

Raccoon Removal and Control in Louisville, Kentucky

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What are Oral Rabies Vaccines?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, as well as, their Wildlife Services department have been working together or many years to overcome the rabies epidemics plaguing our pets and animals in our nature’s wildlife. For this reason, over the past few decades many states have utilized oral rabies vaccines (ORV’s) in an attempt to control the spread of the rabies virus among their local wildlife. These oral vaccines come in a few different forms, which we will discuss further in this blog. Continue reading to answer your question about oral rabies vaccines, their effectiveness, and how they work.

Oral Rabies Vaccinations

The intention of oral rabies vaccinations is to provide a vaccine for local wildlife that is at risk of contracting or spreading the rabies virus. Many states have participated in this approach to vaccinating wild animals, and have seen positive results. These oral vaccinations come in a variety of forms and are generally distributed in bulk by dropping them from airplanes or manually placing them all about. They are left on the ground for wildlife to consume, like skunks, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, and more.

One of the most common forms or ORV’s are made into flavored pellets. These pellets are generally the size of a small ring box and brown in color. They are manufactured with many different scents or flavors, like fish or lard, to attract wild animals to eat them. On the pellets is a stamp from the local health department and a phone number for questions and concerns. Other ORV’s come in the form of a packet that looks similar to a white ketchup packet. These packets are covered in fishmeal that help attract raccoons and other animals to eat them.

Many states have adopted this form of vaccination because it has shown positive results. Places like San Antonio, Texas have used the “ketchup packet” ORV approach, while many other states like Main, New York, Virginia, New Hampshire, Tennessee, have used alternative ORV methods that work equally as well. All of these oral rabies vaccines have been tested several times over the decades on hundreds of animals, and has proven to be non-toxic to dogs, cats, and more. If a dog or cat consumes an ORV, they will be just fine. If they consume many, they may have an upset stomach and need a trip to a veterinarian.

Raccoon Removal Louisville Indiana

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How Can I Afford Raccoon Removal Services in Louisville Kentucky?

When raccoons are becoming a nuisance on your property, or worse, you suspect you might have raccoons in the attic, it is vital to get professional wildlife control assistance right away. Many homeowners experience problems with raccoons, including structural damage and attic insulation damage. They frequently have anxiety about paying for such repairs and the costs associated with raccoon removal and control services. Fortunately, home and property owners don’t need to worry about their budgets any longer when they need animal removal services. Just count on Raccoon Removal Louisville for all your raccoon control and attic restoration needs!

Raccoon Property Damages

Raccoons can cause damage to the inner structures of our homes and buildings. They usually enter from above, like attics and roofs, and can make their way to the bottom of a home or property, overtime. The longer raccoons nest in a property, the more damage is likely or occur. Attic insulation is ripped down and used as nesting, drywall and floorboards become saturated with urine and droppings, leftover food debris decays and rots, and all of these can seep into ceilings and create undesirable odors throughout the living quarters of a home or property. Many people are afraid to see just how much these kinds of repairs will cost, but at Raccoon Removal Louisville, everyone can afford raccoon damage repair services and more!

Raccoon Removal Louisville

Raccoon Removal Louisville is fully insured and licensed company, and long-time BBB members. We take great pride in being a locally owned and operated business in Kentucky. This is why we offer the most competitive prices in town, guaranteed! Not only do we have the lowest prices for raccoon control and attic insulation repair, we are open to working with anyone’s budget! We are highly trained and qualified technicians that have more than 25 years of experience in the wildlife rescue and control industry.

You can trust that we never harm, kill, or trap wild animals under any circumstances. Instead, we use safe and humane methods to extract raccoons and prevent their return. We offer a wide range of services for both residential and commercial properties; including raccoon removal, raccoon cleanup, attic restoration and repair, raccoon proofing, and much more! We even provide emergency services, free estimates, and more. Call 502-553-7622 when you need prompt and professional raccoon removal services in Louisville, KY and its surrounding counties.

Raccoon Diseases and Parasites

Just like all other mammals all across the globe, raccoons are susceptible to disease, illness, and parasites. In fact, raccoons can be subjected to almost any disease a human can be subjected to, and vice versa. This is why we humans must steer clear of wild animals at all costs (no matter how cute and cuddly they appear), and to also prevent wild animal encounters involving our beloved pets. Any wild animal can be infected or be a carrier of disease or illness. Even if you are sure an animal will not attack (which you can NEVER be sure of, by the way), a bite is not the only way a diseased animal can pass along their sickness.

So always keep your distance from a wild animal; even if it’s injured, trapped, or just a baby. Instead, contact a local wildlife rescue and control service for professional and safe assistance. They retain the proper licensing, equipment, tools, and training to safely and humanely remove or help a wild animal. Wild animals such as mice, rats, bats, raccoons, opossum, birds, snakes, rabbits, deer, and more are all common carriers of diseases and parasites. Health consequences can range from death or congestive heart failure, to a simple common cold. Continue reading to learn more about raccoons and the illness they can carry and pass on to humans and pets.


Rabies is one of the most familiar diseases associated with wild raccoons. It is also one of the most serious illnesses that can be passed on to humans, cats, dogs, and other mammals. Raccoons can carriers of the disease and never once show a sign or symptom; while many others become infected and soon die from the disease. This is because Rabies incubates within an animal for quite some time before taking over, if at all. Signs of rabies in a raccoon include erratic behavior, walking around during the daytime hours, shaking or convulsing, foaming at the mouth or drooling, wobble-like walking, heightened aggression, and any other form of strange or questionable behavior. If you, your pet, or a loved one has come into contact with a raccoon that may have rabies, seek medical attention immediately. It is strongly encouraged to have your pets vaccinated annually, as well.


The second leading cause of death for raccoons is distemper. Canine distemper and feline distemper can both infect and kill wild raccoons, but are both caused by different viruses. The canine distemper illness is extremely contagious and mostly affects larger raccoon colonies. Once infected, the illness starts off slow and begins to affect the respiratory system. Watery eyes and running noses are common signs of this illnesses. Other signs include pneumonia-like symptoms, diarrhea, thin body, aimless wandering, disorientation, and paralysis. It is spread through contact of bodily fluids, as well as, inhalation or digestion of airborne droplets. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for Distemper. This is why preventative maintenance is vital in order to protect yourself and your pets.


Raccoon roundworm is a common parasitic disease that is highly contagious and easily transmitted. It is transmitted through the eggs in feces. Coming into contact with anything that has had contact with infected raccoon feces faces infection as well. These roundworms are found in the large intestine of raccoons. It can be passed from animal to animal, or animal to human. This is another reason to steer clear of wild raccoons!

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