Although We Remove Raccoons, We Love and Support Them!

Raccoon Removal and Control 502-553-7622

Raccoon Removal and Control 502-553-7622

It is common for people to misunderstand the stance of those who work for raccoon removal companies. Many believe that wildlife removal contractors are the bad guys, and only wish to get rid of raccoons in a lethal or inhumane way. But this is far from the truth! Wildlife removal contractors want nothing more than the preservation and protection of wild animals, especially raccoons! That is why they are commonly referred to as wildlife “rescue” and control companies. Their intentions are nothing but good, and their stance on wildlife is not what many assume.

We Believe They are Innocent

Raccoons, and other wild animals, are becoming more and more of a nuisance in urban and suburban areas, but this is not their fault! And wildlife control contractors know this and believe this. Over-development, and other environmental factors, have pushed animals out of their natural habits, thus forcing them to find food, water, and shelter where they can. And they can usually find it right in our very own communities. So in essence, it’s actually our own fault that raccoons are becoming an increasing nuisance.

We Use Safe, Humane, and Non-Lethal Methods

Since raccoons can cause a tremendous amount of mess and damage, and even carry infectious diseases, you don’t want them inside your home or commercial building. And that is one of the main purposes of a wildlife control specialist. We make sure raccoons are removed safely and humanely by using safe and non-lethal methods of raccoon extraction. Then we comfortably relocate them to a far-away habitat that’s safer for them to live. We never harm or kill raccoons under any circumstances. The safety and comfort of our clients is the other reason we do what we do. We want to make sure both raccoons and humans are protected from each other.

We Support Preservation and Protection

Raccoons do not deserve to be mistreated in any way. We promote the preservation and safety of the raccoon population, and remain committed to spreading that message as often as possible. We strongly advocate that no one should ever trap, harm, or kill raccoons. And if anyone wants to hunt raccoons for food and pelt, we encourage them to respect all hunting laws and regulations. Raccoons are highly-intelligent creatures with exceptional memories and unique personalities. In fact, you can think of a raccoon just like a dog, but wild. They are smart, curious, and of course, very cute! So we aim to protect raccoons with safe and humane raccoon removal services. But we also aim to protect property owners from the dangers that raccoons pose to our health and homes.

Louisville Raccoon Removal

If you are experiencing raccoon problems, let us help. We offer 24 hour emergency raccoon removal, as well as, raccoon proofing and prevention, minor restorations for raccoon damages, raccoon cleanup, and much more. We are DNR licensed and insured, and provide both residential and commercial raccoon control services. Call our office directly at 502-553-7622 for prompt and professional Louisville raccoon removal you can trust.

Tips for Keeping Raccoons Away From Fruit Trees

Indiana provides agreeable climate and soil conditions for a variety of fruit trees. And because of their beautiful appeal and delicious yields, many homeowners are choosing to add them to their personal landscaping. But unfortunately, fruit trees are also very attractive sources of food for many wild animals, namely raccoons. Although many other pests enjoy the sweet succulent fruits of trees, raccoons have the most impact because of their extraordinary climbing abilities, dexterous paws, and higher level of intelligence. They can quickly deplete your fruit tree in no time at all.

Aside from tree problems, raccoons are not good to have around the property in general. So it is important to strategize a way to keep raccoons out of your fruit trees if that is the focal point that’s attracting them to your home every night. Continue reading for tips to do just that!

Start With Your Trees

Raccoons can access fruit trees in a few ways. They can use their amazing climbing abilities to scale a tree and access the fruit. Or they can use structures that are near a fruit tree to access the fruit. If you have structures near your fruit trees that wild animals can access, if possible you need to consider renovating these areas to avoid the potential for animal activity.

If you do not have structures that assist animals in accessing the fruits of your fruit trees, then all you need to do is inhibit raccoons from being able to climb those tree trunks. And if raccoons cannot gain traction on tree trunks, then they cannot easily climb them. For this reason, it is recommended to install a metal collar around your fruit trees.

Making a Metal Tree Collar

You can purchase aluminum or galvanized sheet metal at any local home improvement store for a reasonable price. Buy a strip of sheet metal that is between 18 to 24 inches wide. Be sure it is long enough to wrap around the tree trunk completely, plus overlap an extra 2-inches. From underneath the sheet metal, run a wire through both sides. Then bend the wire outward to keep the guard in place. Consult your local tree service company for advice and assistance making tree collars.

If you are experiencing raccoon problems, call your local Raccoon Control Company for help getting rid of raccoons for good. They use non-lethal and humane methods to extract raccoons and relocate them to a faraway habitat. They also retain the knowledge and resources to implement strategies that will prevent raccoons from coming back.

Raccoon Removal Louisville Kentucky

Call 502-553-7622 for prompt and professional raccoon removal in Louisville, Kentucky. We are DNR license and insured wildlife control contractors that only use safe and humane methods to remove raccoons and prevent their return. We can help you with your raccoon problems at a price you can afford. Call 502-553-7622 when you need raccoon removal and control in Louisville, KY and its surrounding areas.

Six Reasons Why a Baby Raccoon Might Be Orphaned

It is common, especially in the springtime, to come across an orphaned baby raccoon or raccoons. In the months of March, April, and May, mother raccoons are generally birthing their young pups since the weather is warming up and the likelihood of survival is higher. However, during this time, people who live near forests or wooded areas might find a baby raccoon that seems to be lost from its colony and its mother.

If you ever spot an orphaned or baby raccoon on or around your property, contact a local raccoon removal service right away. Never attempt to touch, capture, trap, or hold a baby raccoon. They could be infected with contagious diseases, or not orphaned from their mother at all. It requires the licensing, permits, training, and proper resources of a professional to safely and humanely remove raccoons, orphaned or not. Continue reading to learn why you might have seen a baby raccoon without its mother, and the most common reasons why raccoon pups become orphaned to begin with.

Raccoon Pups

Raccoon pups are very small in their first few weeks of life. In fact, they are born with their eyes still shut. Even when their eyes open for the first time, they are still not un-weaned from their mother’s milk. They are irresistibly adorable and cute-looking, which is why many raccoon pups are kidnapped from their natural habitat and made to be house pets for people who do not understand the importance of raccoons living in their own environment. Just because a baby raccoon is not with its mother does not always mean it is abandoned. Once baby ‘coons open their eyes, they begin to wander out with their mother while she hunts for food. If the mother takes a detour, or goes somewhere the baby cannot, it may look like the pup is alone or abandoned, but they are simply waiting for their mother to return from her duties. Keep this in mind next time you spot one and feel the urge to take it home. Don’t do it!

Here are the 6 most common scenarios of why raccoon pups are orphaned, abandoned, or alone:

1. Family Dog Finds it and Decides to Bring it Home

2. Mother is Missing, Dead, Trapped, or Gone

3. The Den Site Was Destroyed or Disrupted

4. Mother is on the Move (either for food or from predators) and Open-Eyed Baby is Waiting for Her Return

5. Den Site is Too Warm During the Day and Pups Need a Breather

6. Predators Found the Den Site and Baby Pup Managed to Escape or Left Behind

Contact a local Louisville Raccoon Removal company for safe and humane raccoon control services. They can remove baby raccoons and relocate them to a faraway and safer habitat. They retain the proper tools, licenses, and training to perform any raccoon removal and control service for residential and commercial properties.

Raccoon Removal Louisville Kentucky

Call 502-553-7622 for prompt, safe, and humane raccoon removal in Louisville, Kentucky. We are highly trained and licensed wildlife removal contractors that specialize in raccoon control. We offer a wide range of services, from raccoon cleanup to minor attic renovations and repair, raccoon-proofing, and more. Call 502-553-7622 for a free estimate regarding raccoon removal and control in Louisville, KY today.

3 Tips That Will Protect Your Home from Raccoons

There are countless stories talked about all over the nation regarding wild animal damages and raccoon infestations in residential neighborhoods. Raccoons are intelligent and fascinating creatures, but unfortunately, they are highly capable of property damages and destruction. Many people wonder how they got stuck with a raccoon problem in the first place. Everyone wants to know why raccoons are trespassing onto their properties, and what they can do to get rid of them. The bad news is that raccoons are prevalent and are not going away any time soon; but the good news is that there are three magical tips that can truly prevent wildlife trespassers at night. Continue reading to learn what these three tips are, and who to call on for professional raccoon removal and control in your town.

Garbage Cans and Waste Containers

One of the main reasons why raccoons visit a property over and over again, is that they are intelligent and capable of remembering where all the neighborhood food sources are located. This means homes with amply-filled garbage bins, trash cans, and waste containers. Yes, we like to bring our trash cans out to the driveway the night before trash day; however, this is like placing an open invitation for raccoons and other wildlife to come and dine for free. Not only should you not take your garage out too soon, you should remove all outdoor trash receptacles altogether. Patio trash cans and waste containers can also attract nuisance wildlife to a property. Just remember that our garbage is their best meal. Take this away from them, and they will begin to look for food elsewhere.

Pet Food

One of the other main reasons why nuisance wildlife becomes a frequent problem for homeowners has to do with pet food. It is highly recommended to remove any outdoor pet food from your property. This includes bags of pet food stored in a garage or shed, outdoor dog or cat dishes, and even squirrel and bird feed. All of these foods are the ultimate jackpot for raccoons. Dog and cat food is a tasty treat, and if raccoons find a home with a consistent supply, they will return night after night for more.

Sealing Access Points

One of the most important and effective ways to prohibit wild raccoons from entering your home is to have its vulnerable and weak spots sealed. This means hiring a professional Louisville Raccoon Control company to repair any cracks or crevices in doors, windows, gates, garages, and more. It also means having rooftops and shingles inspected, sealed, and replaced to remove openings and access points. Raccoons have very dexterous paws that allows them to easily open or pry things. Making sure there is nothing to pry open in your home is a safe way to ensure wildlife cannot get inside.

Louisville Raccoon Removal

Call 502-553-7622 for professional Louisville raccoon removal services today. We are highly trained and DNR licensed raccoon control specialists with decades of experience in the wildlife removal industry. We offer a wide range of services for residential and commercial properties; including raccoon removal, control, prevention, proofing, cleanup, attic restorations, and more. Call 502-553-7622 and receive the most accurate and professional raccoon removal services in Louisville, KY today.

How to Stop a Raccoon on the Loose Inside Your Home

Raccoons are naturally curious and intelligent mammals that can frequently find access to homes and buildings. It is common for raccoons to gain entry to our homes and run loose through basements, garages, attics, sheds, and even backyards. This is not a desirable situation for homeowners; considering the amount of structural damage a raccoon can cause to a house. Continue reading to learn how to safely catch a raccoon that is on the run inside your home or property.

Remove Raccoons

Although raccoons are cute and quite smart, they can also be a danger to us and our pets. This is the main reason why it is crucial to get rid of raccoons as soon as you are aware they a present in or around your home. The sooner a raccoon is removed from a property, the less likely your home will suffer structural damage and disarray. Raccoons are quiet and nimble, and can go unnoticed for quite some time; so discovering a raccoon problem right away is a huge advantage. If overlooked for a while, the combination of urine, feces, food scraps, and nesting can accumulate to mass amounts; resulting in extensive repairs, restorations, and clean up.

To get started removing raccoons from your home, you should first determine how many raccoons are actually on the loose. DO you have just one raccoon or a colony of five to ten? This information will help you determine your next steps for raccoon removal. For just one raccoon, the following Do-It-Yourself tips are suggested:

• Remove All Available Food Sources in the Inhabited Area
• Block All Exits in Occupied Room Excluding One
• Set a Bait Path that Leads a Raccoon Outdoors
• Lockup Doggy Doors and Entries
• Remove Indoor and Outdoor Pet Food Supplies
• Call a Professional Raccoon Control Specialist

All of these tips can get you started to removing raccoons from your home; however, to get rid of raccoons on your property for good, it is important to outsource professional animal control services for long-term wildlife control. These companies can remove raccoons, as well as, implement strategies and methods to prevent them from ever returning. Be sure, however, to choose a reputable and licensed company to do business with. It is crucial to get adept animal control services for quality results.

Raccoon Removal Louisville is Kentucky’s most trusted wildlife control and removal company. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified with decades of experience in the animal control industry. We offer free estimates, DIY advice, references, raccoon cleanup services, and much more! Visit our website at for details about our services and company background. Call 502-553-7622 and speak with a licensed raccoon control specialist about removing raccoons from your home in Louisville, Kentucky and all its surrounding counties.

Types of Animals that Can Damage your Home

Homeowners are well aware on how to maintain and care for their asset, but one threat that is commonly overlooked is animal destruction. There are various animals that can harm the structural well-being, as well as, the value of a persons’ home. Continue reading to catch warning of these particular animals, and learn how to prevent them from endangering your property and harming your assets.


Bats are often times found colonizing in peoples’ attics and crawl spaces; or any other area of the home that allows for moderate temperature and darkness. They can create quite a mess with their droppings and feeding hours. Bats search for warmth and shelter in residential neighborhoods during the colder seasons. They find weak or vulnerable spots on the exterior of the home for access to the dark and cozier areas. Bats can also find their way into a home if a garage door or sun room is left open overnight. As soon as you are aware you have a bat infestation, whether it’s one bat or twenty, call a professional animal control service to remove them safely without causing your home further damage. Some companies offer cleanup and structural repair services as well.


Raccoons are similar to bats in your home, in that they both head toward the dark and cozy areas, such as attics and under porches. Raccoons cause quite a mess as well. Their food debris and droppings accumulate creating mess and odor. It can also saturate the drywall and sheet rock in your home, causing spots on the ceiling and odor throughout the house. They have great dexterity with their paws and can pull out electrical wiring and rip down attic insulation. They can scratch up walls and chew through wall panels as well. They are highly destructive creatures to have in your home, and their presence can create a costly situation if left unattended for a long period of time.


Typically, when talking about destructive animals, pigeons would not come to mind. The truth is, they are quite destructive as well. Their droppings can cause corrosion and deterioration of our rooftops over time. These droppings can also cause airborne illness and disease. Cleaning the exterior of your home regularly can refute this process.

If you are experiencing any type of these animal issues, call a professional right away! An animal control company or raccoon removal company retains all the latest technologies and equipment to safely and humanely remove wild animals from your property, inside and out. Be sure to go with a reputable company that is licensed and extensively experienced. This is most important.

For more information about raccoon removal, or any other type of animal removal, call our licensed and bonded professionals today! Our highly trained animal removal technicians have over 20 years of experience in the animal control industry. We have seen it all; and learned how to handle any wild animal situation in residential and commercial areas. We also offer cleanup services, structural damage repair, and animal prevention. Visit our website at, or call us at 502-553-7622 for a free estimate or information on raccoon or animal removal today!

How to Get Rid of Raccoons in the Attic

If you have discovered raccoons living in your attic, then it is time to take some action. Raccoons are reason for concern when it comes to the structural integrity of your home. Their colonies will make a mess of any space they occupy. Their droppings will soak into sheet rock and saturate dry wall, their meal debris will accumulate and rot, they can chew through electrical wiring, and the odor from this can eventually seep into living quarters of the house. These reasons and more are why it is so vital to take immediate action to get rid of raccoons in your attic.

Raccoon Removal

In order to get rid of raccoons in the attic, professional attention is necessary for safe and effective control. Raccoons can carry diseases and even be aggressive if they are protecting their young. This means it should be left to an experienced professional to remove raccoons from any residential property. Never try to get rid of raccoons yourself. It can be dangerous and risky for someone unfamiliar with raccoon behavior, and who lacks proper equipment to carry out the job. A licensed professional knows the safe and humane way to remove raccoons and prevent them from coming back again. They also retain the proper equipment, knowledge, and experience to handle any situation.

So if you find raccoons in your attic, the first thing to do is call a licensed raccoon removal company for an estimate. Along with an estimate, they should be able to walk you through the process and inform you of everything you need to know relating to your situation. Some raccoon control specialists offer 24 hour emergency services and can be dispatched right away, while others can offer next-day responses. Either way, you’ll be informed of what actions to take while waiting for the professionals to arrive.

Next, the raccoon removal company will remove the raccoons from the attic. A licensed company should always use safe and humane methods to extract raccoons from attics and other areas of a home. Once this is done, there will most likely be a mess left behind. In this case, the raccoon control technicians will facilitate a cleanup, all while repairing and restoring the space back to its original condition.

When the removal and cleanup steps are complete, ask the company to recommend prevention tips to avoid further raccoon invasions. A licensed and professional raccoon control company can provide all the necessary preventative maintenance for your home, and seal up any vulnerable spots that raccoons could access. This way, you can rest assure you will not face this situation ever again!

Raccoon Control Louisville KY

For more information about getting rid of raccoons in the attic in Louisville, KY, call our professionals at 502-553-7622. We are highly trained and qualified to remove raccoons from residential and commercial properties. We have been serving the Kentucky communities for decades and always use safe and humane methods to extract raccoons.

Getting Rid of Raccoons In and Around Your Property

Raccoons are forest creatures that prefer living near wooded areas with lots of trees. When new construction begins (i.e. new homes, commercial complexes, etc.), raccoons are often pushed out of their natural habitat and forced to find alternative food and shelter sources. This is when raccoons are spotted on our porches, roofs, lawns, gardens, and more. Homeowners are always asking how to get rid of nuisance raccoons on their property. Read on to learn more ways to avoid raccoon invasion in your home or on your property.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Do not ever feed raccoons. A common mistake that many people make is leaving food sources out and available for raccoons to eat, either unintentionally or on purpose. Families who intentionally feed raccoons may think they are helping, or having fun with a nightly source of entertainment (i.e. watching the raccoons come and eat the food through their patio doors); however, these people are teaching raccoons that residential properties are bountiful sources of easy-to-get food. This creates an on-going problem for other property owners that do not want raccoons entering their yards, or their homes.

There are also people who unintentionally leave food sources outside that will always attract raccoons. For example, many families own outdoor pets, and leave food bowls outside for them. This is a common mistake property owners make. Raccoons are omnivores, and eat about everything. Dog and cat food are tasty treats for them, not to mention an easy meal too. It is advised to bring the pet bowls inside before night fall to avoid attracting more raccoons to your house. Raccoons are clever and will remember which areas are food sources and which are not. If they fail to find food on your property, they will remember and not come back.

Secure your home from the outside. Raccoons want to find shelter from the cold fall and winter seasons, and also find cooler shelter in the hotter seasons. When raccoon colonies are pushed out of their natural environments, they are desperate to find alternative shelter in the area. In most cases, raccoons desire our homes for that kind of shelter because they are nearby and accessible. If there are vulnerable spots on the outside of your home, raccoons will find these spots and enter the premises quickly. They are clever and have dexterous paws that allow them to grip and clasp very well. This allows them to open doors, push and pull at siding and shingles, and more. Have your home inspected annually to be sure there aren’t any holes in your roof, attic, crawl space, porch, and garage. Also, lock any open pet doors because raccoons will use them to enter your home just as your pet does.

For more information about how to get rid of raccoons in residential areas, call Louisville Raccoon Removal right away! We are expert raccoon control technicians with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We are professionals in our field and are happy to offer advice, answer questions, give free estimates, and more! Call us at 502-553-7622 to learn more about getting rid of raccoons in Louisville, KY today!

Raccoon Information and Facts

Raccoons are an intelligent species of mammal that generally live near wooded areas and forests in North America.  They are also commonly seen in residential and commercial areas of our cities due to housing developments and new construction.  Raccoons, in these areas, have acquired a bad reputation for trouble-making because they thieve our garbage and hide-out in our attics and roofs.  Read on to learn more about raccoons, and perhaps, take in a better understanding of these misrepresented animals of nature.

General Description

A raccoon is a medium-sized animal.  They can weigh anywhere from ten to twenty pounds.  Raccoons are covered in a dense fur with multiple layers.  This fur keeps them warm in the colder seasons and cool in the warmer ones.  The fur coat is grayish brown and black; but they are most identifiable by their black and gray striped tail. Another known trait all raccoons have is the black mask-like stripe across their eyes.   This is one reason they got the nickname little-bandits.  They have very dexterous paws that look almost human-like, with long claws for grasping and climbing.  They have a slight snout and whiskers as well.


As far as reproduction goes, female raccoons give birth to litters called kits.  A mother raccoon can birth as many as 5 kits per litter.  Their gestation period is much shorter than humans, only lasting around 65 days.  Once the kits are about 16 weeks, they are completely weaned from their mother and can experience life on their own.  They eat almost everything because raccoons are omnivores.  This means they eat fruits, vegetables, frogs, fish, insects, and more.  The diet must be good to them because raccoons can live up to twenty years!  Although they can live a longtime, raccoons are commonly hit by cars and even preyed upon in the wild.

Associated Dangers

The stereotype is that raccoons have rabies and will attack humans and pass it on.  The truth is, ANY mammal can have rabies and pass it on to humans.  Raccoons are no more susceptible to rabies and diseases as your pet dog and all other animals.  Also, raccoons are more scared of us than we are of them, making it less likely for them to attack.  The best advice is to stay away from all wild animals no matter what.

For more information on raccoons in Louisville, KY, contact a professional.  We have been removing raccoons from residential and commercial properties for over ten years.  We offer a wide variety of related services as well.  We are available 24 hours to discuss raccoons, raccoon control, and more.  Call us at 502-553-7622 or visit our Louisville KY Raccoon Control website anytime!