Raccoon Removal Louisville Provides Fully-Insured Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

Raccoon Removal Louisville is a DNR licensed and insured company in Kentucky. We are highly trained and experienced raccoon control contractors that have been licensed by the Department of Natural Resources for more than thirty years! We offer a wide range of services for both residential and commercial properties; all of which are fully-insured and priced competitively! Raccoon Removal Louisville never harms or kills raccoons in the process of extraction. Instead, we only use safe and humane methods to remove raccoons and relocate them to a safe and faraway habitat.

Rest Assure Your Home or Property is in Good Hands with Fully-Insured Raccoon Removal Services in Louisville Kentucky!

Not only can we remove nuisance raccoons in the attic or other area within a property, we also provide preventative maintenance, raccoon-proofing, raccoon clean-up, emergency services, and even minor attic restorations for damages caused by raccoons. Call us at 502-553-7622 to learn more about their services and availability, today.
Raccoon Removal Louisville wants all property owners to feel safe and secure during the process of raccoon extraction. This is why we offer thoroughly consultations and assessment to explain their methods, billing, and more in a language that clients can understand.

You never have to worry about confusing industry jargon when you talk to our technicians. Call us directly, anytime, for company details and pricing information. Or call us directly at 502-553-7622 for questions about Louisville raccoon removal services, pricing, and more.