Where to Get Fast Raccoon Removal Service in Louisville

When you need emergency raccoon removal service at a price that you can afford, there are not many companies to turn to in Louisville. Only our DNR licensed and insured specialists have the knowledge, experience, and resources to safely and humanely remove and abate nuisance raccoons at the most economical price in town.

Continue below to learn what we can do to solve your nuisance raccoon problems, why you should choose us, and how to get started for FREE!

Emergency Raccoon Removal and Control 502-553-7622
Emergency Raccoon Removal and Control 502-553-7622

Raccoon Problems are a Thing of the Past

When raccoons become a nuisance, the damages can start to add up. In fact, there could be raccoons in the attic of your home right now causing extensive damage to attic insulation, floorboards, electrical wiring, and more, and you don’t even know it is happening! This is a common situation among commercial and residential property owners. And the only way to avoid this is with preventative maintenance and prompt removal.

Act Fast Before the Consequences Add Up

If you have noticed raccoons on your Louisville property, you can be sure that you’ll continue to have a raccoon problem on your hands until you do something about it. Fortunately for you, our DNR licensed and insured wildlife rescue contractors offer affordable and safe solutions for raccoon problems for both commercial and residential properties.

Safe, Non-Lethal Service You Can Trust

But if you are worried about how the raccoons will be treated, you can finally put your concerns behind you because we strictly adhere to non-lethal raccoon removal and control practices, as well as, operate within all local and federal laws that govern wildlife trapping and relocation. Best of all, our services come at a price you can afford to pay! We serve both residential and commercial properties in Louisville, and throughout its outer areas.

Contact Us Today

We are truly your solution to affordable protection against raccoon trespassing, infestation, and damages. We offer a wide range of services, including raccoon removal, control, prevention, proofing, cleanup, attic restorations, and more. We may even be able to work with your homeowners’ insurance provider for raccoon damage repairs and restorations. To get started, simply contact our office at 502-553-7622 and request a free quote for raccoon removal and control in Louisville, Kentucky.

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