Getting Rid of Raccoons In and Around Your Property

Raccoons are forest creatures that prefer living near wooded areas with lots of trees. When new construction begins (i.e. new homes, commercial complexes, etc.), raccoons are often pushed out of their natural habitat and forced to find alternative food and shelter sources. This is when raccoons are spotted on our porches, roofs, lawns, gardens, and more. Homeowners are always asking how to get rid of nuisance raccoons on their property. Read on to learn more ways to avoid raccoon invasion in your home or on your property.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Do not ever feed raccoons. A common mistake that many people make is leaving food sources out and available for raccoons to eat, either unintentionally or on purpose. Families who intentionally feed raccoons may think they are helping, or having fun with a nightly source of entertainment (i.e. watching the raccoons come and eat the food through their patio doors); however, these people are teaching raccoons that residential properties are bountiful sources of easy-to-get food. This creates an on-going problem for other property owners that do not want raccoons entering their yards, or their homes.

There are also people who unintentionally leave food sources outside that will always attract raccoons. For example, many families own outdoor pets, and leave food bowls outside for them. This is a common mistake property owners make. Raccoons are omnivores, and eat about everything. Dog and cat food are tasty treats for them, not to mention an easy meal too. It is advised to bring the pet bowls inside before night fall to avoid attracting more raccoons to your house. Raccoons are clever and will remember which areas are food sources and which are not. If they fail to find food on your property, they will remember and not come back.

Secure your home from the outside. Raccoons want to find shelter from the cold fall and winter seasons, and also find cooler shelter in the hotter seasons. When raccoon colonies are pushed out of their natural environments, they are desperate to find alternative shelter in the area. In most cases, raccoons desire our homes for that kind of shelter because they are nearby and accessible. If there are vulnerable spots on the outside of your home, raccoons will find these spots and enter the premises quickly. They are clever and have dexterous paws that allow them to grip and clasp very well. This allows them to open doors, push and pull at siding and shingles, and more. Have your home inspected annually to be sure there aren’t any holes in your roof, attic, crawl space, porch, and garage. Also, lock any open pet doors because raccoons will use them to enter your home just as your pet does.

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