How to Stop Raccoon Raids on Your Property

Now that spring is here, animals of all species are coming out of their winter dens in search of food, water, and summer homes. Raccoons are smart and their curiosity is relentless, making them one of the first animals to look out for this season.

Raccoons and their young are highly destructive to many areas of a property, such as yards, gardens, ponds, roofs, garbage cans, wood piles, and more. It is important to ensure your home is protected from springtime raccoon raids that can destroy your property.

Continue reading to learn how to keep raccoons off of your property for good.

Raccoon Removal and Control 502-553-7622

Raccoon Removal and Control 502-553-7622


Gardens are like pantries and cupboards for raccoons. They will eat anything you plant in a garden, from fruits and vegetables, to legumes, flowers, and more; and they will love it all. Grapes and corn seem to be their favorite across the board, but this can be argued. To keep raccoons from doing this to your garden, you are going to have to take some preventative cautions.

You can install in chicken wire to protect the perimeter of your garden, or you can place a battery-operated radio next to it for a few nights and put it on a talk station to scare raccoons away. They will think its people speaking and steer clear of the area for the rest of the season.


Raccoons are known to dig up lawns in search of worms, grubs, and other soil-based insects. Lawns that have been recently sodded are the most susceptible to this type of wildlife damage. In these cases, when the watering levels come down, this activity decreases, but it can still remain an ongoing problem without the proper intervention.

To stop raccoons from digging up lawns and tearing out sod, you can use a plethora of safe and humane remedies. For small areas, you can mix hot sauce or cayenne pepper with water spray it all over the lawn. For larger areas, you may want to consider installing motion lighting, automated static noise devices, predator hormones, and certain environmental modifications. This include removing all food and water sources on your property, like pet food, bird baths, squirrel feeders, and garbage. Garbage will be a primary target for raccoons.

Garbage Cans

To keep raccoons out of garbage cans, you can invest in garbage can lid locks. These can be purchased online or at home improvement stores. You can also place a large cement block on top of them to prevent raccoons from opening them up. Some people have had success with bungie cords, rope tie downs, and weights too. It is important to take your trash out to the curb on the morning of garbage pickup day since raccoons are nocturnal. Keep them out of site until then.

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