If I See a Raccoon, What Should I Do?

Raccoons are interesting and intelligent mammals found in nature. Unfortunately, they are becoming more prevalent in residential and urban areas; making them quite the nuisance animal. This poses a problem for several reasons; such as property damages, garbage intrusions, invasion issues, raccoon scat and health problems, attacks, and much more. One of the main questions asked by residential property owners is, “what do I do if I see a wild raccoon?” The answer is different depending on the circumstance. Continue reading to learn what a person should do, or how they should react, if they see a wild raccoon up close.

Wild Raccoon Encounters

Raccoons are nocturnal animals, meaning they are active at night and typically rest during the day. If you see a raccoon during the daytime, it could be an indication that the raccoon is sick or infected. If you are out in the evening time, whether on a stroll through the park or hanging out on your patio at home, raccoons are a possible encounter. So what do you do if you are in a situation in which you are looking straight into the eyes of a wild raccoon? The answer is simple; nothing. Never take action against a wild animal, especially a raccoon, because they are intelligent and resilient mammals that will attack or fight back to protect themselves. Raccoons can carry diseases so if they bite or scratch someone, that person is vulnerable to rabies, leptospirosis, and various other infectious diseases.

If you see a wild raccoon, immediately avoid contact or engagement. Turn around and go the other way, or go inside your home. Never try to yell, scream, or scare raccoons. This will only make them feel threatened and force them into attack mode. Once you are in safe distance of a raccoon, call a licensed animal control company and report the encounter. This is especially important if you spotted a raccoon on public property or your own. They can provide various services that can protect the area or your home from raccoon invasion.

Louisville Raccoon Removal

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