Do Raccoons Hibernate?

Before asking ourselves if raccoons hibernate or not, let’s discuss what hibernation actually means and what it entails. When a mammal hibernates, they go into a deep sleep for the duration of winter and cold months. During this time, their body temperature drops and physical activity comes to a stop; lowering their heart rates and preserving energy. When comparing this behavior with the habits of the raccoon species, you will see that they do not actually hibernate. Instead, raccoons show signs of lethargy or torpor during colder seasons.

Raccoon Hibernation

During winter in colder regions of the country, some raccoon species will partake in behaviors similar to hibernation, but not hibernation at all. They may take up and stay in their dens for several weeks at a time; sleeping or remaining stagnant, lowering their body temperatures and heart rates too. They may only venture out a few times a week to hunt for food and find water. This is similar to a habit called torpor, and is what bears essentially do.

In milder regions of the country that still experience snow and winter months, raccoons will also seek shelter for extended periods of time. Local or urban raccoons will seek out shelter in residential or commercial properties, while raccoons in nature will find dens or burrows to live in. They come out a few times a day or week to find food and water, because without food, they can lose up to half of their body weight in a winter’s time. This is why raccoons eat a larger amount of food in late summer and throughout fall. They do this to store body fat as protection against harsh elements and scarce food sources in the winter.

Raccoons in the winter are common nuisances to home and property owners located near wooded areas. This is because raccoons use vacant buildings, attics, sheds, crawl spaces, garages, porches, and more as shelter during harsh winter climates. If raccoons cannot find a hollow tree, log, or old animal burrow, they will search for warmth and protection in our homes! This is where a licensed Louisville raccoon removal specialists can help. They retain the proper tools, resources, and training to safely and humanely remove raccoons and prevent them from coming back.

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