Conflicts between Raccoons and Humans

Raccoons are a familiar species of mammal here in the states. They are easily distinguishable with their black masks, human-like paws, and big bushy striped tails. Their distinctive features even make them attractive to us, especially as young pups. For this reason, many people are choosing to domesticate raccoons and make them pets!

But there is another side to the relationship we humans have with wild raccoons. There has been a long-time struggle to control the nuisances they can cause in residential and suburban areas. Continue reading to learn more about these struggles, and the common trouble’s raccoon’s cause for us and our homes.

Raccoon Problems in Suburban Neighborhoods

The problem with raccoons, when it really comes down to it, is that they are highly intelligent and persistent creatures. Their intellectual capacity and their ability to remember are extraordinary compared to all other nuisance wildlife. On top of these qualities, raccoons also have very dexterous, human-like hands that allow them to easily grasp, pry, pull, tear, climb, and much more. This combination succeeds in making a threatening nuisance animal. As for residential and suburban neighborhoods, raccoons are considered a problem for the mess and destruction they are capable of producing.

During cold seasons, but even warm ones too, raccoons will search for shelter to breed their young. The problem with this is that raccoons’ versions of shelter include our homes, attics, crawls spaces, porches, patios, sheds, garages, and several other areas of our properties. Once raccoons fund entry into one of these spaces, which they are really good at doing, they will make a huge mess. Their urine, droppings, and birthing debris will take over the entire surface area of the space they are using; and worse, these wastes seep through drywall, ceilings, and walls, leaving behind hideous stains and odors in the visible living quarters of our homes. Attic insulation often times gets torn down and used as nesting, and everything else gets used as a bathroom. Leftover food decays and rots, causing additional pest control issues like fruit flies, maggots, flies, and more. These repairs and messes can cost a lot of money to fix. Structural damages might require whole re-roofing projects, attic repairs, drywall repairs, floorboard replacement, and much more. As you can see, raccoons pose a huge problem for home and property owners. Fortunately, there is a way to combat these threats.

If your home or property is located in an area with a thriving raccoon population, it is wise to implement certain raccoon-proofing strategies that can save you a substantial amount of time and trouble down the line. These preventative maintenance methods include the following:

• Do not leave pet dishes or pet food outside or in the garage
• Install exterior automatic lighting or sprinklers
• Do not take garbage out the night before trash pickup
• Have property inspected for vulnerabilities and seal them
• Lock garage doors and patio doors at night
• Avoid bird feeders and bird baths on property
• Lock doggy or pet doors at night
• Contact a local raccoon removal and control service for professional assistance and advice

Raccoon Removal Louisville

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