Can Raccoons Carry the Ebola Virus?

With all the hype over the recent Ebola scares and close-encounters, it’s no wonder everyone is asking about wild animals, namely raccoons, and the diseases they may carry. Many people associate Rabies with raccoons. This is because they, along with several other species of mammal, are known carriers of the virus. Other common diseases commonly carried by or associated with raccoons includes Leptospirosis, Histoplasmosis, roundworm, canine distemper, lice, and other parasites.

Although ‘coons can carry a wide range of diseases, Rabies is the most prevalent disease associated with the species. And with this virus being commonly connected with coons, it has caused new rumors about new viruses, including Ebola. There is a reason why these species have been recently connected to the E-virus, and it has mostly to do with Rabies. Continue reading to learn what this connection means and where it stems from in the first place.

Ebola and Rabies

Raccoons are being questioned when it comes to the recent Ebola outbreaks in the United States mostly due to the fact that they are known carriers of the Rabies virus; a virus that share much of the same qualities as Ebola. This is why people are talking about raccoons and Ebola. When a mammal is infected with the E-virus, they show similar symptoms as would a mammal infected with the R-virus. Now the truth is, raccoons could very easily contract the E-virus, just as they could Rabies; however, it would be difficult to do. So the likelihood of a coon having Ebola is slim. It is not like spreading a cold or flu, where a simply cough or sneeze can cause another person to get sick.

In order to become infected with either diseases, direct bodily fluid must be exchanged; and it’s also rare to come in contact with the E-virus in the first place. Here in the United States, we retain ample medical centers, doctors, nurses, staff, modern medicine, technology and more to contain and treat any such virus. It is not a threat to worry about, ever. Still, you should never try to touch a wild animal of any kind, as they may be carriers of other transmittable diseases.

Raccoon Exclusion Services

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