Can I Domesticate a Wild Raccoon?

It is highly advised to never attempt the domestication of a wild raccoon, or any other animal, even if it is only a pup. Raccoons, just like any wild animal, are not programmed to be tamed and trained. The only people who are qualified to train, adopt, and care for wild raccoons are professional animal rescue associations, such as Zoos and other wildlife sanctuaries. For everyone else, owning a pet raccoon can very risky. Continue reading to learn why.

Instinctual Raccoon Behavior

Raccoons are very cute and highly intelligent, making them desirable to exotic pet owners. Unfortunately, raccoons natural instincts and behavior are not domestic-friendly. For example, raccoons are very independent; it can be almost impossible to litter box train them, as many raccoon pet owners admit to trying. Cleaning up after a pet raccoon is a constant, never-ending chore. It is not just droppings, food, and urine that needs cleaning; it is also all the destruction they are capable of as well. They are excellent climbers, and would not hesitate to climb up banisters, rooftops, walls, and more. Their claws are long and sharp; creating holes, rips, and scratches everywhere. This is the lighter side to domesticated pet raccoons. It gets much uglier.

Raccoons can simply not be told what to do, unless they are trained by an expert animal tamer from the time they are born. Other than this rare circumstance, raccoon domestication is not typically successful or safe. They have thousands of years of urges to hunt, feed, nest, breed, and roam freely instilled in their species. This is not something that can be easily overcome. If raised from a pup, a raccoon will eventually turn on its owners once it reaches adolescents, due to these instilled urges and instincts.

Animal Ownership Legalities

Another very important reason to not domesticate a wild raccoons regards the law. In most cities, exotic animal ownership is not tolerated or it has very strict limitations. If it is a tolerated practice, most likely licensed and permits will be mandatory. Owning a pet raccoon is not like having a cat or dog, it is a lifestyle and huge commitment. In states like Indiana, a raccoon is classified as a Class 2 exotic animal, and requires a license and a permit to own one. These can be hard to come by, involving background checks, investigations, inspections, paperwork, and more. If a person does not abide by the local exotic animal ownership laws, they can be subjected to huge fines, evictions, and potential jail time.

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