Funny Facts About Raccoons

There are so many interesting and even silly facts about the common mammal we know as the raccoon. Raccoons are very intelligent and come in various different shapes, sizes, colors, and species. There is lots to learn about raccoons, and the learning process is so much fun! Continue reading to learn more about wild raccoons, and the funny facts that make them so interesting to learn about.

Raccoon “Bandits” Mask

All raccoons have a black, or dark colored, mask that surrounds their eyes and temporal areas. This mask is so close in appearance to a robber or bandit’s mask, it has been referred to as this many times over. Although this is common knowledge to most, not many people know why raccoons are born with this “mask-like” strip of fur around their eyes. The reason is better night vision! The black mask enhances a raccoon’s vision at night.

Tree Climbing Ability

Raccoons climb trees very well, but for an animal of their size, this is quite unusual. The reason this is all possible is because raccoons retain the mind-boggling ability to rotate their hind legs! This amazing ability allows them to find protection from larger animals and prey on food easier.

An Incredible Sense of Touch

Raccoons retain explosive dexterity in their paws and claws. It can almost be compared to that of a human hand! Not only does this also aid in their impressive climbing ability, it also allows them to maneuver food, build dens, carry items, pry things open, and much more. These paws also have an incredible sense of touch. With a simple touch, raccoons can sense their surroundings.

Auditory Range and Hunting

Their dexterous paws allow raccoons to capture and handle their prey better than other mammals, but their auditory range plays a huge role in their hunting abilities. Because raccoons can hear sounds as low as 50 KHZ, they can easily hunt insects and small prey in the dead of night and darkness.

Raccoon for Dinner

Keep in mind that it requires a licensed and permit to kill, trap, or hunt wild raccoons; and raccoons should never be harmed, hurt, or tortured. In American, raccoons are not considered a tasty treat, but are often hunted or bred for their fantastic fur. But in some cultures, like that of some North American Indian tribes, barbequed raccoon is considered an elegant and exotic delicacy. What an interesting piece of knowledge!

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