Can I Pet a Wild Raccoon?

Sometimes, we see wild animals such as birds, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, rabbits, and more; but should we attempt to touch them or pet them if we get the urge? Although animals look cute and fluffy, they are not domesticated or accustomed to humans. This means they most likely view us a threat or danger; thus causing them to react and protect themselves by any means necessary if they feel intimidated. Wild animals are very unpredictable when it comes to self-defense behaviors; especially raccoons. So if you see a raccoon, it is best to not attempt to make any contact with it what-so-ever. There are various reasons for this, so continue reading and learn why raccoons should be left alone if you ever see one in the wild.

Raccoons are Known Carriers of the Rabies Virus

Not only are raccoons one of the leading carriers of rabies in the world, they can possibly transfer several other infections and diseases as well. Leptospirosis, roundworm, salmonella, ticks, fleas, and more are all potential contagions carried and contagious in wild raccoons. Upon contact, anyone can contract one of these ailments; especially from raccoon attacks.

Raccoons Will Attack if Intimidated

Raccoons are capable of scratching and biting a person or pet if they feel intimated or threatened. This is truer of mother raccoons defending their young. If they think their raccoon pups are in danger, they will certainly do what it takes to scare you away; even if this means lunging, biting, and scratching you in self-defense. Not only can this be painful, it can be an open door for disease and infection.

Raccoon Control in Louisville, Kentucky

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