Although We Remove Raccoons, We Love and Support Them!

Raccoon Removal and Control 502-553-7622

Raccoon Removal and Control 502-553-7622

It is common for people to misunderstand the stance of those who work for raccoon removal companies. Many believe that wildlife removal contractors are the bad guys, and only wish to get rid of raccoons in a lethal or inhumane way. But this is far from the truth! Wildlife removal contractors want nothing more than the preservation and protection of wild animals, especially raccoons! That is why they are commonly referred to as wildlife “rescue” and control companies. Their intentions are nothing but good, and their stance on wildlife is not what many assume.

We Believe They are Innocent

Raccoons, and other wild animals, are becoming more and more of a nuisance in urban and suburban areas, but this is not their fault! And wildlife control contractors know this and believe this. Over-development, and other environmental factors, have pushed animals out of their natural habits, thus forcing them to find food, water, and shelter where they can. And they can usually find it right in our very own communities. So in essence, it’s actually our own fault that raccoons are becoming an increasing nuisance.

We Use Safe, Humane, and Non-Lethal Methods

Since raccoons can cause a tremendous amount of mess and damage, and even carry infectious diseases, you don’t want them inside your home or commercial building. And that is one of the main purposes of a wildlife control specialist. We make sure raccoons are removed safely and humanely by using safe and non-lethal methods of raccoon extraction. Then we comfortably relocate them to a far-away habitat that’s safer for them to live. We never harm or kill raccoons under any circumstances. The safety and comfort of our clients is the other reason we do what we do. We want to make sure both raccoons and humans are protected from each other.

We Support Preservation and Protection

Raccoons do not deserve to be mistreated in any way. We promote the preservation and safety of the raccoon population, and remain committed to spreading that message as often as possible. We strongly advocate that no one should ever trap, harm, or kill raccoons. And if anyone wants to hunt raccoons for food and pelt, we encourage them to respect all hunting laws and regulations. Raccoons are highly-intelligent creatures with exceptional memories and unique personalities. In fact, you can think of a raccoon just like a dog, but wild. They are smart, curious, and of course, very cute! So we aim to protect raccoons with safe and humane raccoon removal services. But we also aim to protect property owners from the dangers that raccoons pose to our health and homes.

Louisville Raccoon Removal

If you are experiencing raccoon problems, let us help. We offer 24 hour emergency raccoon removal, as well as, raccoon proofing and prevention, minor restorations for raccoon damages, raccoon cleanup, and much more. We are DNR licensed and insured, and provide both residential and commercial raccoon control services. Call our office directly at 502-553-7622 for prompt and professional Louisville raccoon removal you can trust.