Types of Animals that Can Damage your Home

Homeowners are well aware on how to maintain and care for their asset, but one threat that is commonly overlooked is animal destruction. There are various animals that can harm the structural well-being, as well as, the value of a persons’ home. Continue reading to catch warning of these particular animals, and learn how to prevent them from endangering your property and harming your assets.


Bats are often times found colonizing in peoples’ attics and crawl spaces; or any other area of the home that allows for moderate temperature and darkness. They can create quite a mess with their droppings and feeding hours. Bats search for warmth and shelter in residential neighborhoods during the colder seasons. They find weak or vulnerable spots on the exterior of the home for access to the dark and cozier areas. Bats can also find their way into a home if a garage door or sun room is left open overnight. As soon as you are aware you have a bat infestation, whether it’s one bat or twenty, call a professional animal control service to remove them safely without causing your home further damage. Some companies offer cleanup and structural repair services as well.


Raccoons are similar to bats in your home, in that they both head toward the dark and cozy areas, such as attics and under porches. Raccoons cause quite a mess as well. Their food debris and droppings accumulate creating mess and odor. It can also saturate the drywall and sheet rock in your home, causing spots on the ceiling and odor throughout the house. They have great dexterity with their paws and can pull out electrical wiring and rip down attic insulation. They can scratch up walls and chew through wall panels as well. They are highly destructive creatures to have in your home, and their presence can create a costly situation if left unattended for a long period of time.


Typically, when talking about destructive animals, pigeons would not come to mind. The truth is, they are quite destructive as well. Their droppings can cause corrosion and deterioration of our rooftops over time. These droppings can also cause airborne illness and disease. Cleaning the exterior of your home regularly can refute this process.

If you are experiencing any type of these animal issues, call a professional right away! An animal control company or raccoon removal company retains all the latest technologies and equipment to safely and humanely remove wild animals from your property, inside and out. Be sure to go with a reputable company that is licensed and extensively experienced. This is most important.

For more information about raccoon removal, or any other type of animal removal, call our licensed and bonded professionals today! Our highly trained animal removal technicians have over 20 years of experience in the animal control industry. We have seen it all; and learned how to handle any wild animal situation in residential and commercial areas. We also offer cleanup services, structural damage repair, and animal prevention. Visit our website at http://raccoonremovallouisvilleky.com/, or call us at 502-553-7622 for a free estimate or information on raccoon or animal removal today!