Famous Raccoons Throughout Time

Raccoons are smart, inquisitive, and adorable mammals with a ton of personality. Perhaps this is why they are commonly used as characters in television and movie plots. Famous celebrities have come and gone over the years within the industry, but only a few raccoons have made their mark in film. Continue reading to catch up on some fun movie and television raccoon characters that have made an impression on viewers young and old!

Raccoons in Film

Can you think of any famous raccoons on the T.V. or in the movies? It can be quite a mind stretch trying to remember all the funny raccoons we’ve watched over the years, but so much fun when you remember them! Let’s take a look at some famous raccoons over time:

Raccoon: Rocket
Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy

Perhaps the most recent and famous raccoon that has made their celebrity debut on the big screen is Rocket. Rocket is the delightful, sharp-tongued, and resourceful raccoon on the hit movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. Rocket was the character famous for getting the team out of a jam, fast. One of the most celebrated scenes of the movie is when Rocket plans a flawless and entertaining escape from a space jail. This is a MUST-SEE movie for anyone who loves a thrilling, sci-fi plot!

Raccoon: RJ
Movie: Over the Hedge

RJ, voiced by Bruce Willis, is the self-serving and clever raccoon in the 2006 movie, Over the Hedge. Just like real raccoons, RJ is a highly intelligent mammal simply looking for food in a nearby suburban area. He steals, and then quickly loses, a large stash of junk food from a local bear in town, forcing him to jump through hoops the entire movie in an attempt to replace the food and save his own life. Of course on the way he meets an enjoyable and stimulating cast too. This movie is family friendly and fun to watch!

Raccoon: Meeko
Movie: Pocahontas

Meeko is the adorable and friendly pet raccoon voiced by John Kassir in the 1995 movie, Pocahontas. In fact, he was such an amusing character that the writers brought him back for the enticing 1998 sequel, Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. He is the food loving pet raccoon of Pocahontas, that also take a friendly liking to her love interest, John Smith. This movie is an oldie but goodie, as they say!

Raccoon: “Raccoon”
Movie: The Nut Job

In the highly entertaining, family friendly 2014 movie, The Nut Job, actor Liam Neeson provides the voice of the movie villain, simply referred to as, “Raccoon.” Raccoon the villain wanted to take control of the local animal community food supply, rationing food unfairly. The local neighborhood animals search throughout the entire movie for a solution to Raccoon’s villainous plan. This movie is definitely worthy of Friday family movie night!

Raccoon: Joey
Movie: Dr. Dolittle 2

This outrageously funny 2001 movie, starring the one and only Eddie Murphy, was a huge success for movie-goers of all ages. One of the more memorable characters in this second edition movie is Joey, the neighborhood raccoon. Although enacted by a real-life stage raccoons, the voice was cleverly provided by Michael Rapaport. With an all-star cast and thrilling plot, this movie is a must-see no matter how old you are!

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