Six Reasons Why a Baby Raccoon Might Be Orphaned

It is common, especially in the springtime, to come across an orphaned baby raccoon or raccoons. In the months of March, April, and May, mother raccoons are generally birthing their young pups since the weather is warming up and the likelihood of survival is higher. However, during this time, people who live near forests or wooded areas might find a baby raccoon that seems to be lost from its colony and its mother.

If you ever spot an orphaned or baby raccoon on or around your property, contact a local raccoon removal service right away. Never attempt to touch, capture, trap, or hold a baby raccoon. They could be infected with contagious diseases, or not orphaned from their mother at all. It requires the licensing, permits, training, and proper resources of a professional to safely and humanely remove raccoons, orphaned or not. Continue reading to learn why you might have seen a baby raccoon without its mother, and the most common reasons why raccoon pups become orphaned to begin with.

Raccoon Pups

Raccoon pups are very small in their first few weeks of life. In fact, they are born with their eyes still shut. Even when their eyes open for the first time, they are still not un-weaned from their mother’s milk. They are irresistibly adorable and cute-looking, which is why many raccoon pups are kidnapped from their natural habitat and made to be house pets for people who do not understand the importance of raccoons living in their own environment. Just because a baby raccoon is not with its mother does not always mean it is abandoned. Once baby ‘coons open their eyes, they begin to wander out with their mother while she hunts for food. If the mother takes a detour, or goes somewhere the baby cannot, it may look like the pup is alone or abandoned, but they are simply waiting for their mother to return from her duties. Keep this in mind next time you spot one and feel the urge to take it home. Don’t do it!

Here are the 6 most common scenarios of why raccoon pups are orphaned, abandoned, or alone:

1. Family Dog Finds it and Decides to Bring it Home

2. Mother is Missing, Dead, Trapped, or Gone

3. The Den Site Was Destroyed or Disrupted

4. Mother is on the Move (either for food or from predators) and Open-Eyed Baby is Waiting for Her Return

5. Den Site is Too Warm During the Day and Pups Need a Breather

6. Predators Found the Den Site and Baby Pup Managed to Escape or Left Behind

Contact a local Louisville Raccoon Removal company for safe and humane raccoon control services. They can remove baby raccoons and relocate them to a faraway and safer habitat. They retain the proper tools, licenses, and training to perform any raccoon removal and control service for residential and commercial properties.

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