Tips for Keeping Raccoons Away From Fruit Trees

Indiana provides agreeable climate and soil conditions for a variety of fruit trees. And because of their beautiful appeal and delicious yields, many homeowners are choosing to add them to their personal landscaping. But unfortunately, fruit trees are also very attractive sources of food for many wild animals, namely raccoons. Although many other pests enjoy the sweet succulent fruits of trees, raccoons have the most impact because of their extraordinary climbing abilities, dexterous paws, and higher level of intelligence. They can quickly deplete your fruit tree in no time at all.

Aside from tree problems, raccoons are not good to have around the property in general. So it is important to strategize a way to keep raccoons out of your fruit trees if that is the focal point that’s attracting them to your home every night. Continue reading for tips to do just that!

Start With Your Trees

Raccoons can access fruit trees in a few ways. They can use their amazing climbing abilities to scale a tree and access the fruit. Or they can use structures that are near a fruit tree to access the fruit. If you have structures near your fruit trees that wild animals can access, if possible you need to consider renovating these areas to avoid the potential for animal activity.

If you do not have structures that assist animals in accessing the fruits of your fruit trees, then all you need to do is inhibit raccoons from being able to climb those tree trunks. And if raccoons cannot gain traction on tree trunks, then they cannot easily climb them. For this reason, it is recommended to install a metal collar around your fruit trees.

Making a Metal Tree Collar

You can purchase aluminum or galvanized sheet metal at any local home improvement store for a reasonable price. Buy a strip of sheet metal that is between 18 to 24 inches wide. Be sure it is long enough to wrap around the tree trunk completely, plus overlap an extra 2-inches. From underneath the sheet metal, run a wire through both sides. Then bend the wire outward to keep the guard in place. Consult your local tree service company for advice and assistance making tree collars.

If you are experiencing raccoon problems, call your local Raccoon Control Company for help getting rid of raccoons for good. They use non-lethal and humane methods to extract raccoons and relocate them to a faraway habitat. They also retain the knowledge and resources to implement strategies that will prevent raccoons from coming back.

Raccoon Removal Louisville Kentucky

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