How to Find a Reputable Pet Raccoon Breeder

Pets are a very important part of our lives. Dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, and more are common species of animal we domesticate for the sake of love and companionship. Although these standard household pets are loving and adorable, some families prefer something more exotic. For many, pet raccoons are a wonderful and delightful addition to their families. It is easy to domesticate a baby raccoon so long as you seek our proper guidance and veterinary services. Raccoons are smart, funny, and loving mammals capable of developing loving relationships with their owners. They can even be litter box trained and taught to obey commands.

If you have made the decision to adopt a baby raccoon, be sure to find a reputable and trustworthy breeder. It is important to look for several qualifications and credentials when researching different pet raccoon breeders. Continue reading for tips and advice on how to find a reputable pet raccoon breeding service in your city or state.

Local Raccoon Breeders

Before making the decision to adopt a baby pet raccoon, have you checked to make sure your state allows it? If it does, hooray! If it does not, then think twice about breaking this law. As a warning, there are typically harsh fines and penalties for people who domesticate illegal exotic animals. When it comes to finding a breeder to adopt a pet raccoon from, it is a good idea to look in the same state you live in, or an adjoining state that also allows the breeding, sales, and domestication of pet raccoons. If you find a breeder selling baby raccoons in a state where raccoon domestication is illegal, then the breeder is not a trustworthy source.

Look for true professionals with a sincere passion and extensive experience in the world of raccoons and wildlife. They will have the best advice, referrals, and selection of pups you can find. Once you find a breeder, be sure you are well-informed on how to care for a baby raccoon, as well as, well-prepared to care for an adult raccoon after it grows up. These are all things to consider and discuss with your local raccoon breeder. Here are some more things to look for in a reputable raccoon breeder once you’ve decided to adopt a pet raccoon:

• Experience
• Licensing
• Certifications
• Passion for Wildlife
• Well-Maintained Premises
• Healthy Raccoon Pups
• Good Reviews
• Proper Permits
• Proof of Documentation
• Knowledge of Raccoons
• Clean Bill of Health for Pups
• Additional Services for Raccoons

Be sure your local raccoon breeder is making the right moves as a legit breeder. They should be able to show proof of licensing, and should be practicing their services in an accommodating state or county. Feel free to interview several different breeders and compare your options. Don’t take raccoon adoption lightly; it is a delicate search process that deserves comprehensive research and requires patience and moral behavior. Take your time to find the perfect addition to your furry family.

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