Interesting Raccoon Facts and Fun Trivia!

There are so many interesting and fun facts about wild raccoons and their young. As a nature lover, it is only expected to be an admirer of such evolved, intelligent, and thrifty critters. Their capabilities truly set them apart from the other species of animal that share their natural habitats. To learn more interesting and exciting information about the common raccoon, continue reading and indulge yourself in useful raccoon trivia, truths, and facts!

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What is the Scientific Name for a Wild Raccoon?

Raccoons are scientifically referred to as Procyon Lotor. This is a Latin term that loosely translates into “washer dog”. This could be because raccoons use their hands to “wash or rinse” their food in water before consuming it. Although it is not proven that this is the reason why raccoons douse their food before eating it, it has been a source for naming the species over the ages. It dates back to old Native American slang that describes raccoons as “ones who rubs and scratches with its hands”.

What Do Raccoons Eat?

The diets for wild raccoons in nature differ from the diets of raccoons living in urban and metropolitan areas. Raccoons in nature tend to feed mostly on fish, amphibians, insects, worms, invertebrates, bird eggs, and plant material. They are excellent at fishing but will eat anything that is easily attainable and tasty. In comparison, wild raccoons in suburban territories have become accustomed to a different palette of food. Raccoons have become experts at surviving in residential and urban areas following commercial development and construction. They like to rummage through trash cans and dumpsters for scraps of food; as well as, steal outdoor pet food, garage inventories, and more. They have become very good at these tasks that have proven well for survival.

How Long to Raccoons Live?

Raccoons are meant to live full lives up to twenty or more years; however, this mostly depends on their environment, territory, and plain luck. Because raccoons are known as pests in residential and commercial neighborhoods, they can be the target of inhumane animal trapping and hunting. This can certainly take off a few years of their life. Also, environmental conditions can influence the life expectancy of a wild raccoon. Available food sources, weather, and more can all determine how long a raccoon can survive in the wild.

Some people are raccoon pet owners who have successfully domesticated raccoons. These “pet” raccoons can live up to 20 or 30 years in captivity. When considering all the environmental and influential elements that raccoons can face, on average they live to be about two or three years old; however, in the wild, this number can more than double depending on nearby predators and other threats.

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