Do-It-Yourself Raccoon Control

Raccoons are not the most desirable critters to have in your neighborhood. Not only can raccoons carry infectious diseases; they can make an enormous mess in our attics, driveways, and yards. If you are aware of a raccoon colony or population inhabiting areas near or within your neighborhood, catch up on some advice for DIY raccoon removal.

DIY Raccoon Removal Tips

When it comes to battling a raccoon infestation, start with their fears. Raccoons instinctively fear common predators, including coyotes, large domesticated dogs, and even humans. Tricks like scattering human hair along the border of your property scare off raccoons and other nuisance wildlife. Human hair naturally decomposes in the ground while the scent and presence warn the surrounding wildlife that humans are near. If raccoons are inside your home, you can play a movie or tape with human voices near the nest. This can scare them off as well. To replicate another predator outside of your home, you can purchase urine-based solutions that are sprayed on the property lines. The scent of coyote urine, or other large predator, will scare away any wildlife attempting to invade your territory overnight.

Another trick is to purchase more ammonia based products that resemble urine and use this in their nesting areas. Raccoons are fairly groomed, and use the restroom outside of their nest. If they smell that their living space has been urinated on, they will move to another destination. These products are generally safe for the environment and wash away quickly. You can use them indoors and outside.

Last, you can drive raccoons away if you install bright lights in your backyard and driveway. If raccoons are frequently getting into your garbage cans and gardens, try an over-lit yard to keep them away. Raccoons do not like bright lights and will find a darker area to hang out at instead.

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