How to Stop a Raccoon on the Loose Inside Your Home

Raccoons are naturally curious and intelligent mammals that can frequently find access to homes and buildings. It is common for raccoons to gain entry to our homes and run loose through basements, garages, attics, sheds, and even backyards. This is not a desirable situation for homeowners; considering the amount of structural damage a raccoon can cause to a house. Continue reading to learn how to safely catch a raccoon that is on the run inside your home or property.

Remove Raccoons

Although raccoons are cute and quite smart, they can also be a danger to us and our pets. This is the main reason why it is crucial to get rid of raccoons as soon as you are aware they a present in or around your home. The sooner a raccoon is removed from a property, the less likely your home will suffer structural damage and disarray. Raccoons are quiet and nimble, and can go unnoticed for quite some time; so discovering a raccoon problem right away is a huge advantage. If overlooked for a while, the combination of urine, feces, food scraps, and nesting can accumulate to mass amounts; resulting in extensive repairs, restorations, and clean up.

To get started removing raccoons from your home, you should first determine how many raccoons are actually on the loose. DO you have just one raccoon or a colony of five to ten? This information will help you determine your next steps for raccoon removal. For just one raccoon, the following Do-It-Yourself tips are suggested:

• Remove All Available Food Sources in the Inhabited Area
• Block All Exits in Occupied Room Excluding One
• Set a Bait Path that Leads a Raccoon Outdoors
• Lockup Doggy Doors and Entries
• Remove Indoor and Outdoor Pet Food Supplies
• Call a Professional Raccoon Control Specialist

All of these tips can get you started to removing raccoons from your home; however, to get rid of raccoons on your property for good, it is important to outsource professional animal control services for long-term wildlife control. These companies can remove raccoons, as well as, implement strategies and methods to prevent them from ever returning. Be sure, however, to choose a reputable and licensed company to do business with. It is crucial to get adept animal control services for quality results.

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