Are Raccoons Afraid of Anything?

It isn’t difficult to find products that are designed to thwart raccoon activity on your property. Many things will repel wild animals from trespassing onto your premises. But sometimes in areas where raccoon populations are high, raccoons become comfortable with humans, and tend to not scare off as easy as they usually would in the wild.

For this reason, many homeowners wonder what actually scares raccoons since they seem to not care about wandering directly up to our patio doors, driveways, and garages. If they are so comfortable near our homes, then what type of situation would make them uncomfortable?

Continue reading to learn some interesting facts about raccoons and what it is that actually scares them.

Raccoon Removal and Control 502-553-7622

Raccoon Removal and Control 502-553-7622

Potential Threats For Raccoons

Raccoons do not generally have many predators to steer clear of in the wild, however, there are a few animals in certain regions of the country that will eat or kill raccoons. These particular predators, like mountain lions, cougars, coyotes, and even hawks are animals raccoons will hide from. Also, large dogs can frighten raccoons, causing them to run off as fast as possible for safety.

Other things that frighten raccoons include loud noises and bright lights. Being nocturnal, raccoons prefer the dark and will only tolerate daytime hours if they are foraging for food before winter, sick, or lost from their mother. This means that bright lights of vehicles, porch lamps, flashlights, and more will generally scare them away.

In fact, one common tip for homeowners that experience heightened raccoon activity is to install motion-censored lighting outside. It is also recommended to install sound machines since raccoons are also not a fan of loud noises. Noises like thunder and lightning can scare raccoons, as well as, loud music and foot traffic.

Although they don’t scare raccoons necessarily, certain spices will make them turn their heads. It is said that paprika and cinnamon are two spices that raccoons loathe, so some homeowners sprinkle a generous portion of each around the perimeter of their property to help keep raccoons away. But if you are having raccoon problems on a frequent, or even consistent basis, it is strongly suggested to hire a reputable wildlife control technician for safe and humane raccoon removal.

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