Reasons Why Dead Raccoon Removal is an Emergency

It is important to get rid of raccoons if they are frequent visitors to your property, and it is even more important to remove the ones that make it inside your home. Raccoons, although cute and clever, are unfortunately filthy and destructive. They can tear up lawns, damage woodwork and siding, rip off roof shingles, rip apart garbage cans, and much more; not to mention they carry infectious diseases that are harmful and potentially deadly to humans and pets, like Rabies and Parvo.

Live and active raccoons are a problem, but having dead raccoons in or around your home is an even bigger one. Continue reading to learn why dead raccoon removal is more difficult and why it is considered an emergency situation that calls for immediate attention by a licensed professional in the industry.

Dead Raccoon Removal

The problem with dead raccoons has to do with decomposition and pest problems. Many homeowners will make the mistake of excluding a raccoon from an area of their home, like the chimney, but this is a common mistake since most raccoons found indoors are nursing or raising offspring. Blocking a mother raccoon from entering back into a home solves one part of the problem, but there are still baby raccoons somewhere inside that will soon wander around, fall into air ducts and in between walls, and then die; eventually rotting, decaying, smelling, and producing maggot infestations. This is an even bigger project than simply removing the entire colony to begin with. This is why it is important to hire a licensed raccoon removal company for safe, humane, and effective service. They retain the proper tools, training, and resources to exclude raccoons all at once, and prevent their return. Some companies even offer minor attic and crawl space restorations for raccoon damage and droppings.

It is critical to have dead raccoons removed from a property as soon as they are evident or discovered. A dead raccoon will rot and smell, and eventually house thousands of maggots. This cleanup and restoration job will cost much more, and create an uncomfortable living environment for weeks at a time. A rotting carcass also houses diseases and bacteria that can be detrimental to our health and the health of any domesticated pets on the property. For these reasons and more, it is very important to have dead animals, like raccoons, removed from your property as soon as possible.

Raccoon Removal Louisville Kentucky

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