How to Keep Raccoons Out of the Chimney

Raccoons are known to use residential homes and commercial buildings to breed, nurse their young, and acquire shelter from inclement weather, predators, and more. One area that is a common target for raccoons is the chimney. Chimneys are often overlooked when implementing pest-proofing strategies for one’s home, especially if they are not used very often. But whether you are a regular fireplace user or not, it is wise to figure out an effective way to keep raccoons out of the chimney. Raccoons can cause costly structural damages to roofs and chimneys, as well as, carry parasites, spread infectious diseases, and pose several other types of danger to humans and pets. Continue reading for a guide to raccoon-proofing a chimney and who to call for expert advice or professional assistance.

Get Rid of Raccoons in the Chimney

Raccoons can block up the chimney flue with breeding debris, nesting materials, and more. If the flue is closed, animals cannot access the chimney; but, they may still reside on the roof causing shingle damages and perhaps gain entry into an attic space. This means simply closing the flue will not stop a raccoon problem entirely. For frequent raccoon sightings, it is important to outsource the services of a professional raccoon removal company for safe and humane assistance. Unblocking a chimney flue is just one service they will provide for raccoons in chimneys. After that comes raccoon education and preventative maintenance. Ask your local raccoon control technician for details about getting rid of raccoons in chimneys and other areas of a home or property.

As for chimneys, the best way to keep raccoons out of them while still being able to enjoy your fireplace from time to time, is to purchase a chimney cap. Chimney caps work great for preventing wild animal access into chimneys when the flue is open. They are designed to cover the openings of chimneys with a wire mesh, allowing smoke to escape but preventing raccoons from entering. Chimney caps come in two styles: inside mount or single flue. You must measure the perimeter of the inside and outside of the chimney so you can purchase a cap that fits. They are inexpensive, found at most hardware stores, and easy to install on your own. Keep in mind that they need to be replaced each season, as they will endure natural wear and tear, decreasing their effectiveness.

Raccoon Removal Louisville Kentucky

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