Will a Wild Raccoon Attack?

Although becoming more popular to domesticate these days, raccoons are wild animals by nature. No matter how friendly-looking or tame a wild animal appears, you can never be too sure if it will turn on you and attack. Many residential homeowners spot raccoons on their properties, in search of food and shelter. This can make a person very uneasy and ask the question, “Will a raccoon attack?” It is understandable for people to be worried once they see raccoons or other wild animals frequenting their property night after night. Families with young children and pets are especially timid on the topic of wild animal attacks. So what do you do if you see a raccoon on your property? Will it attack and harm you? Continue reading to find out!

Reasons a Raccoon Might Attack

There are several reasons explaining why raccoons attack people and pets. It is not unlikely for a raccoon to become aggressive and lunge at other animals and humans. Because raccoons are known carriers of various illnesses and diseases, no one ever wants to be bitten or scratched by one. Some of the most common reasons a raccoon will attack or become aggressive include mother raccoons nursing her young. If a dog happens to find a female raccoon with a little of pups, she may act defensively in order to protect her brood. Many dog injuries caused by raccoons happen this way.

Provoking or teasing a raccoon is another common reasons why these animals attack people and pets. Another nosy dog, a petty stray cat, or a group of children can easily provoke a raccoon into self-defense mode; which can lead to an attack or injury. It is important to steer clear when you see a wild raccoon. It is highly advised to simply keep your distance while making smooth slow movements towards indoors. Never try to catch or trap raccoons; this is typically illegal in most states anyway. Also, never try to touch or pet a raccoon. No matter how cute and cuddly a group of a baby raccoons look, never try to take them in or hold them. Most often, the mother coon is right around the corner!

If you are experiencing problems with raccoons on your property, contact a professional wildlife removal company for assistance you can trust. Be sure they are licensed and experienced in raccoon removal and control. Consider implementing some raccoon-proofing strategies with them as well to prevent raccoons and other wildlife from trespassing on your property again.

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