Raccoon Information and Facts

Raccoons are an intelligent species of mammal that generally live near wooded areas and forests in North America.  They are also commonly seen in residential and commercial areas of our cities due to housing developments and new construction.  Raccoons, in these areas, have acquired a bad reputation for trouble-making because they thieve our garbage and hide-out in our attics and roofs.  Read on to learn more about raccoons, and perhaps, take in a better understanding of these misrepresented animals of nature.

General Description

A raccoon is a medium-sized animal.  They can weigh anywhere from ten to twenty pounds.  Raccoons are covered in a dense fur with multiple layers.  This fur keeps them warm in the colder seasons and cool in the warmer ones.  The fur coat is grayish brown and black; but they are most identifiable by their black and gray striped tail. Another known trait all raccoons have is the black mask-like stripe across their eyes.   This is one reason they got the nickname little-bandits.  They have very dexterous paws that look almost human-like, with long claws for grasping and climbing.  They have a slight snout and whiskers as well.


As far as reproduction goes, female raccoons give birth to litters called kits.  A mother raccoon can birth as many as 5 kits per litter.  Their gestation period is much shorter than humans, only lasting around 65 days.  Once the kits are about 16 weeks, they are completely weaned from their mother and can experience life on their own.  They eat almost everything because raccoons are omnivores.  This means they eat fruits, vegetables, frogs, fish, insects, and more.  The diet must be good to them because raccoons can live up to twenty years!  Although they can live a longtime, raccoons are commonly hit by cars and even preyed upon in the wild.

Associated Dangers

The stereotype is that raccoons have rabies and will attack humans and pass it on.  The truth is, ANY mammal can have rabies and pass it on to humans.  Raccoons are no more susceptible to rabies and diseases as your pet dog and all other animals.  Also, raccoons are more scared of us than we are of them, making it less likely for them to attack.  The best advice is to stay away from all wild animals no matter what.

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