Can Raccoons Get Inside My House?

So, you’ve seen some raccoons loitering around your property lately? This can certainly bring about some concerns. Naturally, you want to protect your property and everything inside, so when wild raccoons come too close for comfort, it can cause you to rethink the security of your home.

Continue reading to learn more about nuisance raccoon threats, including whether or not they can access the interior of your house.

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Common Raccoon Threats

Raccoons are opportunistic, and have an advantage over other species of wildlife due to their high intelligence and human-like paws. It also doesn’t hurt that they are excellent climbers. So , not only can they remember where all the good sources of food and shelter are located, they can use their dexterous paws and claws to manipulate objects of their desire. This means they can open trashcan lids, tear through screen doors and windows, rip off roof shingles and siding, and sometimes even unlatch deadbolts. Furthermore, raccoons can open doors, dig through crumbling mortar and rotten wood, and access ductwork.

What does this mean for homeowners? It means that the answer to the question, “can raccoons get inside my house?” is yes.

Getting Rid of Raccoons

Raccoons are highly destructive, and they are also common carriers of several infectious diseases and transmissible parasites. For this reason, they are a major risk to have near your property. If you are spotting raccoons are a regular basis, you can assume that your house is a potential target for raccoon animal damages, or worse, infestation.

To get rid of raccoons, you must remove all attractions, such as food and water, from outside. This includes pet food, garbage, squirrel feeders, bird baths, and more. It is important to take your trashcans out on the morning of collection day to not temp nocturnal raccoons from pillaging them overnight.

Once you have eliminated all sources of food and water, it is time to ensure the exterior of your home is safeguarded against raccoon intrusion. In order to accomplish this to the best of your ability, you will need the assistance of a licensed raccoon removal and control company. They have the knowledge and resources to accurately assess the outer parts of your home, and seal up any potential spots that raccoons could enter.

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Emergency Raccoon Removal and Control 502-553-7622

What are Oral Rabies Vaccines?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, as well as, their Wildlife Services department have been working together or many years to overcome the rabies epidemics plaguing our pets and animals in our nature’s wildlife. For this reason, over the past few decades many states have utilized oral rabies vaccines (ORV’s) in an attempt to control the spread of the rabies virus among their local wildlife. These oral vaccines come in a few different forms, which we will discuss further in this blog. Continue reading to answer your question about oral rabies vaccines, their effectiveness, and how they work.

Oral Rabies Vaccinations

The intention of oral rabies vaccinations is to provide a vaccine for local wildlife that is at risk of contracting or spreading the rabies virus. Many states have participated in this approach to vaccinating wild animals, and have seen positive results. These oral vaccinations come in a variety of forms and are generally distributed in bulk by dropping them from airplanes or manually placing them all about. They are left on the ground for wildlife to consume, like skunks, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, and more.

One of the most common forms or ORV’s are made into flavored pellets. These pellets are generally the size of a small ring box and brown in color. They are manufactured with many different scents or flavors, like fish or lard, to attract wild animals to eat them. On the pellets is a stamp from the local health department and a phone number for questions and concerns. Other ORV’s come in the form of a packet that looks similar to a white ketchup packet. These packets are covered in fishmeal that help attract raccoons and other animals to eat them.

Many states have adopted this form of vaccination because it has shown positive results. Places like San Antonio, Texas have used the “ketchup packet” ORV approach, while many other states like Main, New York, Virginia, New Hampshire, Tennessee, have used alternative ORV methods that work equally as well. All of these oral rabies vaccines have been tested several times over the decades on hundreds of animals, and has proven to be non-toxic to dogs, cats, and more. If a dog or cat consumes an ORV, they will be just fine. If they consume many, they may have an upset stomach and need a trip to a veterinarian.

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Now is the Time to Beware of Potential Raccoon Infestations

Winter is around the corner, and Fall is already upon us. This means that hibernating, or breeding mammals are looking for safe shelter until Spring is here again. In suburban or city areas, raccoons and other animals are forced to find shelter in residential and commercial properties due to land over-development and lack of outdoor space. So this time of year is when most raccoon infestations begin.

Because raccoons are so intelligent, they are very capable of remembering where dominant food sources are located, and how to gain access into a warm and cozy environment. Continue reading to learn how to combat this problem with effective preventative maintenance and raccoon-proofing strategies for your home or office.


Raccoon infestations can cause an excessive, smelly mess of urine, breeding debris, and droppings, as well as, extensive structural damages and more. A messy raccoon infestation calls for a professional animal removal service that specializes in raccoons. They retain the proper tools, equipment, licensing, and training to accurately assess a raccoon problem, and render safe, effective, and humane raccoon control services. This is what you should do if you suspect you already have a raccoon infestation in your attic, crawl space, walls, or outdoor area of your property.

In order to prevent raccoons in the attic, or any other type of raccoon infestation or problem, implement some easy DIY techniques to thwart wildlife from trespassing onto your property. For example, remove all pet food dishes from outside. Pet food, bird seed, and gardens are all huge attractions and treats for raccoons and other wild animals. Remove bird feeders and pet food, and you have begun the journey to a raccoon-free life.

Also, never take your garbage outside to the driveway the night before trash pickup. Raccoons are scavengers and will rip through all your garbage for scraps of food and nesting material. This means you wake up to a huge mess in your driveway, plus a guarantee return from your new four-legged friends. They will remember your yard as a food source and return for more. By removing these attractions, you can make raccoons lose interest in your property. Last, have a professional Louisville raccoon removal company implement professional inspection and sealing services to ensure your home is free from vulnerabilities that would allow raccoons to gain entry inside. Things like broken doors, hinges, loose roof shingles, and more can be fixed to prevent accessibility.

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