Raccoon Behaviors that Lead to Expensive Property Repairs

If you own residential or commercial property near wooded or forested areas, then you may eventually experience some issues with nuisance wildlife. Out of all the problems a property owner can experience when it comes to nuisance wildlife, raccoons are the most capable of destroying homes. Because raccoons are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night and sleep in the day, people are not as likely to spot them in action. So instead, learn the signs that point toward common raccoon behavior to let you know whether or not you have a raccoon problem on your hands.

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Raccoon urine and feces can soak through attic floorboards and appear on ceilings and walls!

Raccoon Habits That Can Cause You Trouble

Raccoons are among the most destructive local wildlife around mostly because they are intelligent and highly-motivated . Raccoons have dexterous paws that allow them to grip and grasp just as a human could. This ability gives them the power to open doors, pry off roof shingles, dig through garbage, and much more. In addition to their pest-like behavior, they can also carry a plethora of diseases and illnesses.

Trash Can Thieves

Do you have a mysterious trash can culprit rummaging through your garbage at night, then leaving a huge and unsightly mess to clean up the next morning? This may be a sign that you have raccoons coming to your property. Raccoons are notorious for stealing food scraps from residential trash cans and commercial receptacles. They are attracted to easy food sources, and leftover food scraps in an open trash can is hitting the jackpot for them.

Avoid taking your garbage cans out the night before trash day. Instead, take out the trash the day of trash pickup. Although this isn’t a very costly “repair”, it is still a huge indicator that raccoons are trespassing onto your property. If you can stop the problem there, then you can dodge the really costly property owner repairs that could happen.

Roof Damage

Re-roofing a home or building is not a cheap service. On top of paying for labor and product, you have to take time out of your own schedule to supervise the entire replacement process. This situation can all start with just one raccoon. Raccoons are also known for ripping off and prying open roof shingles to find entry points into a warm, dark, cozy, shelter. Raccoons want inside our properties to gain relief from the cold and breed their young. If you do not notice the initial roof damage, rot and mold can cause further harm, leading to a more costly repair. Once they gain entry, there is more potential for structural damages.

Interior Damages

Once inside, raccoons use attics, crawl spaces, and in-wall corridors to eat, sleep, and breed. This is all a messy process. Raccoon waste can saturate dry wall, ceilings, and other interior structures. This weakens them, leaving potential for collapsing or caving in, however, it also creates a terrible odor that will eventually drift into the living quarters of the home or building. Raccoons can also chew through electrical wiring, tear down insulation, and much more.

How to Deal With Nuisance Raccoons Around Your Yard

If you are spotting raccoons on your property, or may think you have a raccoon problem, then be sure to act fast. This way, you can avoid all the potential damages caused by raccoons. The best strategy is to call a professional raccoon control specialist that can give you advice on raccoon prevention, removal, and damage restoration.

Louisville Raccoon Removal and Control Services at an Affordable Price

Call 502-553-7622 for humane Louisville Kentucky raccoon removal and control you can afford. We offer a wide range of services for residential and commercial properties, including raccoon removal, control, prevention, proofing, cleanup, attic restorations, and more. Call 502-553-7622 to request a free estimate or information about Louisville raccoon control, today.

Louisville Raccoon Removal and Control
Louisville Raccoon Removal and Control

Will My Insurance Cover Raccoon Damages?

One of the first thoughts that come to mind upon discovering a raccoon infestation in your home is, “how much is this going to cost me?” And this comes as no surprise considering raccoons are capable of producing a significant amount of damage in a very little amount of time. Accordingly, this question is often followed by an inquiry about homeowners’ insurance. Many victims of raccoon damage want to know if their insurance policy covers animal damages, and if so, to what extent. If you are asking yourself these same questions, continue reading to learn more about insurance coverage and raccoon damages.

Raccoon Removal and Control 502-553-7622

Raccoon Removal and Control 502-553-7622

Rodents Excluded

In most cases, homeowners’ insurance will cover raccoon damages. But they may not cover the total cost. Depending on the policy you have and its deductible, your out-of-pocket cost for raccoon cleanup and property restoration will vary. What these policies do not commonly cover are insect and rodent damages, such as termites, bed bugs, mice, rats, and other vermin.

Your best option is to contact your homeowners’ insurance carrier to discuss the specific details in your policy and learn what you are covered for and to what extent. They will also guide you through the claim process and ensure all your questioned are answered.

Insurance-Compatible Raccoon Removal

You can ask your insurance provider for a list of insurance-compatible wildlife control companies in your vicinity. You may also just call around yourself and find a raccoon removal company who is insurance claim compliant. Be sure to choose a company with extensive experience, as well as, proper licensing and insurance, for best results.

Louisville Raccoon Removal

Call 502-553-7622 for prompt and professional raccoon removal and cleanup service in Louisville, Kentucky and its surrounding locations. We are DNR licensed and insured wildlife control specialists that specialize in raccoon removal services. Our teams of highly trained and experienced raccoon control technicians only use safe and humane methods to get rid of raccoons in Louisville. Call 502-553-7622 to request a free estimate for Louisville raccoon removal, today.

A Raccoon on the Roof is Not a Good Sign

Raccoons are excellent climbers with nimble, dexterous paws, and they use these qualities to access rooftops in residential and urban areas. It is very common to spot raccoons on the roof at night, or just after sunset when it isn’t quite dark yet. This is the time of day when raccoons are either returning or leaving from wherever it is they are nesting. So this means if you see a raccoon on the roof, they are up to no good. Continue reading to learn why you might have raccoons on the roof, and how to safely and humanely get rid of them.

Raccoons and Roofs

If a raccoon is on a roof, it is most likely looking for a vulnerable area in the eaves or soffit to rip out and use as an access point to your attic. And if they are not looking for this, it is because they have already found it! Raccoons like to use these areas to create dens in order to breed and raise their young. Once their young is old enough to fend for themselves, they leave the nest to go look for one of their own. A raccoon on a roof is a blatant indication that you have raccoons in the attic or other area of your home that is accessible through the roof. And if you have raccoons on the roof and they haven’t access your home yet, they are looking to do so very soon. Raccoons don’t just climb for fun; they are either hunting, gathering, escaping danger, or looking for shelter. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring a raccoon on the roof!

In a little amount of time, raccoons can make a disastrous mess in your home. They tear down attic insulation to make nests and soil just about every surface area with droppings, birthing debris, and rotting food scraps. They also chew through electrical wiring, rip out floorboards and saturate ceilings with urine which causes stains and odors Needless to say, raccoons are capable of causing an extreme amount of structural damage and destruction if left alone.

Wildlife Rescue Services

Call a local wildlife rescue contractor for safe and humane raccoon removal services if you spot any on your roof or around your property. It is better to take precautionary measures rather than waiting for a disaster to fall into your lap. Never leave pet food outside, as raccoons love this and will return night after night for it; and always take your trash out the morning of garbage pickup day. These are just a few methods to keep raccoons off your property. Also consider having your siding, roof, windows, and doors inspected and properly sealed, as well as, installing motion sensor lighting outside to thwart raccoon activity.

Louisville Raccoon Removal

Call 502-553-7622 for professional raccoon removal and control in Louisville, Kentucky. We are highly trained and experienced, DNR licensed wildlife rescue and control contractors that can remove raccoons safely and humanely at a low cost to you. We also provide minor attic restorations and repairs for raccoon damages, as well as, raccoon prevention, and much more. Call 502-553-7622 if you see raccoons on the roof in Louisville, KY right away.

How Can I Afford Raccoon Removal Services in Louisville Kentucky?

When raccoons are becoming a nuisance on your property, or worse, you suspect you might have raccoons in the attic, it is vital to get professional wildlife control assistance right away. Many homeowners experience problems with raccoons, including structural damage and attic insulation damage. They frequently have anxiety about paying for such repairs and the costs associated with raccoon removal and control services. Fortunately, home and property owners don’t need to worry about their budgets any longer when they need animal removal services. Just count on Raccoon Removal Louisville for all your raccoon control and attic restoration needs!

Raccoon Property Damages

Raccoons can cause damage to the inner structures of our homes and buildings. They usually enter from above, like attics and roofs, and can make their way to the bottom of a home or property, overtime. The longer raccoons nest in a property, the more damage is likely or occur. Attic insulation is ripped down and used as nesting, drywall and floorboards become saturated with urine and droppings, leftover food debris decays and rots, and all of these can seep into ceilings and create undesirable odors throughout the living quarters of a home or property. Many people are afraid to see just how much these kinds of repairs will cost, but at Raccoon Removal Louisville, everyone can afford raccoon damage repair services and more!

Raccoon Removal Louisville

Raccoon Removal Louisville is fully insured and licensed company, and long-time BBB members. We take great pride in being a locally owned and operated business in Kentucky. This is why we offer the most competitive prices in town, guaranteed! Not only do we have the lowest prices for raccoon control and attic insulation repair, we are open to working with anyone’s budget! We are highly trained and qualified technicians that have more than 25 years of experience in the wildlife rescue and control industry.

You can trust that we never harm, kill, or trap wild animals under any circumstances. Instead, we use safe and humane methods to extract raccoons and prevent their return. We offer a wide range of services for both residential and commercial properties; including raccoon removal, raccoon cleanup, attic restoration and repair, raccoon proofing, and much more! We even provide emergency services, free estimates, and more. Call 502-553-7622 when you need prompt and professional raccoon removal services in Louisville, KY and its surrounding counties.